Our new Verona

Our new Verona

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's hard to believe that we are creeping up on our 2 month mark that we have been in our new home.  We are still settling in, meeting new neighbors, and getting used to new commute times and routes.  I sympathize greatly with M's posting about the lawn. Our lawn was seeded a couple of weeks ago and we are just beginning to see new growth germinating. Time will only tell if we'll get enough coverage to block out the rocky ground beneath. We had a rock hound come through but there's still a huge amount of rock imbedded in the ground.  I planted some flowers in front of the house, just praying they'll transplant well and not get the rock choke out.  

There are now 12 homes going up at different stages in the neighborhood.  So far, all the different models and elevations are blending in with one another beautifully.  There's one more Verona that we can see going up...yay, we are not alone.  The home going up in front of us is Courtland Gate. They are usually huge, it'll be quite entertaining to say the least watching them put it up. 

We have a water overflow pond beside our house.  The view is quite lovely and now we have a family of geese occupying it.  They are so cute (6 babies).  Somehow, I'll try to get a bit closer to get a shot of the babies.  They follow mother goose foot to foot and mama is no joke, she'll beat you down if you get to close (I witnessed a goose beat down on Friday...not pretty).

We had our ceiling fans and other light fixtures installed yesterday.  We went back and forth on whether to put a ceiling fan or not in the morning room.  We finally opted for the chandelier.  Everything turned out nicely. Happy building.

View from the deck, Mother Goose and the gang; lawn trying to grow

Master BR ceiling fan

Bonus Room ceiling fan

Baby girl's ceiling fan and her new pink accent wall (by persistent demand)

Pendant light

Pendant and chandelier

Morning room chandelier 


  1. It's amazing how fast the time flies. We have been here for just over 100 days!!! I remember I was counting everyday during the building process and now I barely look at the countdown because we are so busy doing things for the house. lol How are you enjoying your new home?

    The lightening is nice, is it Progressive Lightening?

    My husband thought we were going to put the fan in the morning room too; however, we have the fan in the living room. We are still discussing whether we will do a fan or not in the master bedroom. He may let him have his way on that one!!

    1. Hi Nadase,
      We are loving our new home and have settled in quickly. Those are Progress lights. Most of the lights that Ryan uses are Progress. Our previous home we had a different family within the Progress Lighting offerings that we missed so much. They were discontinued but these carry on the legacy well. We originally had the ceiling fan prewire in the morning room but I think the chandelier adds a bit more elegance to the whole area. On the one day that it got up to 90 degrees a few weeks ago, the morning room and the entire 1st floor remained fairly cool...now the upstairs, another story entirely. The ceiling fan in the master bedroom feels great already.

  2. It's great to know that you have successfully installed your ceiling fans and light fixtures. I like the fan that you have in your Bonus Room. People fall in love with unique blades, I guess. Well, it's about choosing the right color and style, after all. It looks very cozy and it lightens up the whole room. Great job!