Our new Verona

Our new Verona

Monday, March 3, 2014


Monday, March 3, 2014
I can't believe that  2 days ago, we celebrated one year of being in our new home. Where does the time go? It seriously feels like we just moved in. We are settling in nicely but can't wait for Mother Nature to get this snow out of her system so that we can plant pretty things and watch them grow.  The best part about our new home has been our neighbors.  Everyone is so friendly, baby girl has tons of friends and we feel a real sense of a cohesive community here. 
Ryan is in phase 2 of development since ours has been sold out since November.  Before the weather go real bad, there was lots of ground breaking activity about a mile away from our house.  We should see a few of the new homes going up in April.  I love that they are not very close to our house yet we will still be able to see them.  The prices have gone up by almost $70K!!!! Thank God for his  time, grace and mercy. Be well everyone

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Sunday February 23, 2014

Happy New Year everyone!! I have been off the radar for a while and for that I'm sorry.  Life has been a hamster wheel but we are safe and blessed so I really can't complain too much. I'm probably stating the obvious here when I say, "ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW ALREADY!!!" I'm so over it I could scream.  Between the shoveling, school delays,  school cancelations, and cabin fever, I've just about had it.  When spring is sprung if I hear any complaints about allergies or heat I will scream.  Just suck it up and enjoy the coming of spring and that's all.  

Yesterday and today bought unseasonably warm temperatures so we were out and about trying to get crusted salt off our cars so I thought I would take some pics of our latest projects.  We had the deck expanded, added a fence around the perimeter of the yard and a rail for the porch.  The company did a great job even when they worked in below freezing temperatures. Because of all the construction, pardon the dirty driveway, mud and dust.  They will have to stay put until spring has sprung and I can get out the power washer.  I love all the new additions and can't wait until we can actually get outside long enough to really enjoy them. 

Deck expanded to 20X15 bring on the BBQ!!
Pardon the furniture piled beneath...ugh
Other side of the house is in full view

New Fence; Right side
Left side from the rear of the house
Front of the House


Porch rail