Our new Verona

Our new Verona

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RYAN IS ROLLIN'!!!!!!!!!

December 5, 2012
I went by the house today and Ryan is really rollin'!!! After two days of unseasonably warm weather, the crew has obviously been able to get a lot done.  The shingles were put on today, the fireplace is in and the HVAC is in.  I peeped the bathtub, shower and hot water heater in the garage too so I can only assume that they will be installed shortly.  The craftsmanship that I had concerns about in the previous entry have thankfully been addressed.  I assume that the electrical wiring will be next on the agenda.  Not bad work for only 4 weeks. YOWZA!

The roof, the roof...

HVAC in the basement

Front door in and porch coming together

Porch/side view

Goodies in the garage (tub, shower, heater)

View into the morning room from garage

View into the dining and living rooms from the garage 
Side of garage repair...nice


The archway leading to the powder room and study

Kitchen and morning room

Morning Room!

Looking into the 2nd floor ceiling...lots of work going on up there

Foyer and stairs

Right side of the house

Sliding glass doors in!

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